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Customer Testimonials

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Below are some testimonials from some happy, existing customers!

October 2015 Wedding 
I got married on October 10, 2015 (10-10-15 as I like to call it). I knew I had a very low budget to work with for the wedding, as I had also just moved back to Edmonton. However, I remembered that my old friend Elizabeth and I used to put on events at the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce. I remembered her being there every early every morning to set up and greet the guests who arrived early. 

Elizabeth and I had met up for lunch, when I had returned to Edmonton and I asked her if she might be interested in doing my wedding, explaining that I had a very low budget. She agreed and had some wonderful ideas. She made the most adorable centerpieces for the tables. They were pink and white roses, in glass containers with pretty pastel beads. There were four roses per glass. She also made beautiful, professional programs for the wedding guests, and laid one on each chair, so they all would have a program to take home. For take-a-ways, she has little bags, with candy inside that were my wedding colors (pink and white). She helped greet my wedding guests as they arrived. She also did a lot of running around before the wedding to pick up many things that I needed. I don’t know how I would have made it through my special day without her.

Best of all, her prices were very reasonable, and she worked with me on things that fit within my own budget. If she can make my wedding beautiful on the shoe-string budget that I had, I can just imagine what she can do for others with larger budgets. Elizabeth is amazing at planning events, and adds a distinctive flair that makes events professional, classy, and beautiful.

If you are thinking about using Elizabeth for your next event, you should!
-- Heather Shentaler

July 2016 Wedding

We were so lucky to have Elizabeth help us out with our wedding day. She willingly met with me on more than one occasion to discuss details of the event and was able to work within our budget. Additionally, she also went above and beyond by answering questions and providing personal views on various topics relating to the wedding. 

We had hired Taylor-Made Events to do the setup for our wedding but the outcome was beyond what we could have hoped for. While I had given Elizabeth snippets and ideas, she helped bring everything together and created the most perfect setting. Thanks to her, we could focus on enjoying our wedding (which was flawless), as she took on all the stress that would have otherwise fallen on my family and I. Couldn't be happier with the results; well worth the investment!

 -- Yolanda Schell